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Dusted and Blue Membership


Welcome to your Membership!

Dusted and Blue started about a year and a half ago when Sam decided to break away from the large studio space she was working in. She wanted to form a small relaxed space where a community of artists could all share and create.

With that, we are a very small and mellow studio. Every month, members are distributed a new key code to access the front door. (Please make sure the door is shut at all times). We ask that you will be respectful of the space and community. Please read below the membership agreements.


Membership Benefits

  • Studio access Monday - Sunday, 11:00am - 9:00pm

  • Use of studio equipment including wheels, slab roller, designated hand building tables

  • Assigned shelf storage

  • Mini Locker

  • Internet - Username Dustedandblue, Password 1242Clay


Memberships are a month to month basis.

You are required to place your card on file with us.

Cards with be billed automatically on the 22nd of every month. Included in the bill is the next month’s membership, clay purchased that current month, and the glaze subscription. If you plan on cancelling your membership, we need a 30 days notice.


If a member has decided to cancel their membership, they must send in their resignation to Dustedandblue@gmail.com 30 days before the next billing date. If you decide to cancel without giving the full 30 days notice, then there is a cancellation fee of 10% of the membership at the next billing date.

If a member has pre-paid for a term (3 months or more) and decides to cancel the membership before that term ends, then they must finish out the current month and then receive a 10% cancellation fee on the balance that will be refunded to them.

Members who have cancelled their membership must clean off their shelf and take all belongings with them before the end of the month that they are paid up for. Any belonging left behind and the member has not contacted within a week of leaving is considered forfeited and then belongs to Dusted and Blue.

Please note - Dusted and Blue has the right to terminate any membership for any reason without refund.

Membership Billing and Terms

Studio Rules + Safety Guidelines

The studio is a community and it takes a community effort to keep the studio clean. As a member, you agree to participate in keeping the studio clean.

  • Spills must be mopped up immediately

  • Wheels, splash pans, and the area around the wheel must be cleaned after each use

  • Sweep up trimmings and mop up the floor after you use the wheel

  • Wipe down the tables after use

  • Good trimmings must be discarded in the good trimmings bin, and bad trimming (trimmings that touch the ground) must be tossed in the trash can



  • Please wear closed toe shoes and wear your hair back when throwing on the wheel

  • Cover all open cuts. If you have an open wound cover it with a bandaid and wear a glove if it is on your hand.

  • Do not block doors or passageways - this is a fire hazard.

  • Children under 18 are not permitted in the studio

  • Wear clothes that you are okay with getting dirty

  • When using the slab roller, please keep loose clothing back and fingers away from the roller

  • Wash hands before leaving or eating

  • While we love our friends and family, visitors are not allowed in the studio.

Dusted and Blue is not financially liable for any student or member injuries that occur on our premises or from the materials used from the studio.

Clay must be purchased through the studio! We offer 10 different types of clay ranging from porcelain to stoneware. Members can also request special orders for new clay bodies if it fits the firing standards. If you special order, you are required to order a minimum of 50lbs and there is a waiting period of about 3 weeks.

  • Firing fees and Slop dumping fees are included in the price of the clay.

  • Oversized pieces that are taller or wider than 12” are subject to an additional charge based on the space it takes in the kiln.

  • No outside work is allowed to be fired in the studio

We encourage members to buy their own glazes. We fire at Cone 5 and do not experiment with other temperatures. When purchasing your own glaze, please buy Cone 5 or 6 glazes.

If you are not ready to take this step, we do offer an option glaze subscription which is $12 a month. This optional glaze subscription gives you access to 10 different types of glazes downstairs. Please let us know within the first month of joining if you would like to join the glaze subscription!

  • Apply glazes by dipping or painting on only.

  • If you are dipping multiple layer, please leave enough room for the glaze to run.

  • If glaze from your piece runs and sticks to the kiln shelves, you are responsible for your own piece and the kiln shelf. Please remove your item off the kiln shelf with the proper tools and please wear gloves. Make sure to scrub off any glaze chunks from the kiln shelf. If item is not cleaned by the member, the member is subject to a $20 fee.

Clay + Glaze

Members, unless authorized, are not allowed into the kiln room. That means members who have been decreed capable of loading and unloading the kiln, are allowed to work the kilns. Members who are not approved to load and unload, please do not take it upon yourself to help without assistance with staff.

  • Please place items ready for firing downstairs on the designated member shelves.

  • Please only place bone dry items downstairs for bisque.

  • If your items are found in the hospital, then it is because it cannot be fired as is. Please refer to the list next to the hospital for possible reasons why we cannot fire or please ask staff.

Firings are done in groups. If any member starts producing more than 35% of what is placed on the group shelf firings, Dusted and blue may ask that they sign up for their own kiln firings. When you sign up for a kiln firing you can request 1/2 kiln or 1 full kiln. If 1/2 kiln we will pair you with someone to fire together. At this point they are considered a production artist. Any production artist has to load and unload their own kiln. Please be prepared to work with our schedule for loading and unloading.

While we pride ourselves in our kiln firings, Dusted and Blue is not responsible for items that break before, during or after firing. If you are worried about your piece being loaded into the kiln, we can arrange a time for you to come in and load your piece.

We do our best to keep up to date with the kiln loads, but we cannot guarantee any specific timing. If you are worried about a timing on a piece, please speak to Sam.

Kiln Firings

While we keep our studio small so wheels are easily accessible, we host classes Mon, Tues, Wed evenings from 6:30-9pm where students get wheel priority. During these times, we cannot guarantee a wheel to members. While we only fill the class up to 6 and keep 2 wheels available, sometimes a student from another class or member will be occupying the wheel. We ask that you be patient and work on something else in the meantime. We encourage hand building or glazing.

Memberships are for independent workers. There will not always be staff available to help or assist. If you are unsure of something please call or text Sam