Dusted and Blue

Class Terms

Student Enrollment, Deadlines + Terms

Included in classes:

  • Open studio access Friday - Sunday, 11:00am - 9:00pm

  • Use of studio equipment including throwing and trimming tools, wheels, slab roller, designated hand building tables and glazes

  • Assigned shelf storage


  • All greenware MUST be placed on the designated shelves by the end of Class 5. Greenware placed on shelves after Class 5 will not be fired (this includes the weekend following Class 5.

  • All glazed pieces MUST be placed on the designated shelves by the end of Class 6. If you do not glaze your piece by the end of the last class there will be no makeup time. However, you can take your piece home with you in hopes of coming back for another session or as a member.


  • Students are allowed one make up class per session. If you miss a class during the session you can schedule one make-up class during a different class that week or the following week. If you miss multiple classes, it is up to the student to utilize independent studio hours to practice.

  • Dusted and Blue retains the right to discard pieces that have not been picked up 3 weeks following the end of the session. This includes all work from work in progress to finished pieces.

  • Dusted and Blue cannot accommodate any make up classes after the session is over unless the student is continuing on to another course or enters into a membership

  • No refunds.

    • Students who wish to switch to another class can do so with a 14 days notice of the first class at no fee. At 7 days notice from the first class, we charge a $45 fee to transfer classes or to change dates for team builds. At 24 hours from the first class, we do not offer transfers or cancellations.

    • If you miss a class you can make up the session with a week’s notice and the instructor’s approval. We cannot always guarantee seats in other classes as it depends on the attendance of other students but will accommodate as best possible.

  • Always sign the bottom of your piece so that it can be easily identified. Pieces without a signature will be placed in the “No Name” section. Unclaimed pieces will be discarded at the end of each session.

  • Students are responsible for cleaning off their shelves on the final day of class. We will discard anything that is left on the shelves after each session has ended.

Studio Rules + Safety Guidelines

The studio is a community and it takes a community effort to keep the studio clean. Keeping the studio clean is imperative in keeping the dust down and keeping our health up! As such, please:

  • Mop spills immediately.

  • Clean wheels, splash pans, and the area around the wheel every time you throw.

  • Sweep and mop every time you trim.

  • Wipe down wedging boards and tables after use.

  • Discard scrap clay in either the scrap bin or trash. All clay that touches the floor must be discarded - dirty clay cannot be reused.

  • Closed toes shoes must be worn at all times.

  • Cover all open wounds. If the wound is on your hand cover it with a bandaid and wear a glove.

  • Do not block doors and passageways - this is a fire hazard.

  • Hair and loose clothing must be tied back when when throwing and using the slab roller. Keep your fingers away from the slab roller.

  • After working in the studio make sure to wash your hands before leaving or eating.

  • Carefully read the instructions before using materials, tools, or glazes.

  • Wear clothes that you are okay with getting dirty.

These rules will be strictly enforced. Dusted and Blue is NOT financially liable for any student or member injuries that occur on premises.

Open Studio Hours

Open studio hours are independent work hours. Wheels are first come, first serve. Additionally:

  • Do not share your code with anyone not enrolled in the current session.

  • Use the code only during stipulated hours.

  • Keep the door shut at all times.

  • Do not let anyone in unless they are a fellow student from your current session.

  • Visitors and children under 18 are not permitted in the studio.

  • Double check to make sure the door is locked behind you when you leave.

  • Call Sam for any emergencies or questions: 209-914-5801

  • Dusted and Blue provides a bag of clay for each student per session. If you run out of clay, you can purchase from Dusted and Blue’s selection of clay. Please make purchases during class. We do not allow clay that is not purchased through the studio.

  • Students must use the glazes that are made available to them through the studio. There are dipping and pain-on glaze options.

  • We fire all your pieces for you! Due to the delicate nature of the kilns and pottery in queue for firing, students are not allowed to be in the kiln room or touch any other member or students work in line for firing.

  • Check the “hospital” if you are missing pieces after any firings. It is the students responsibility to address any issues deemed not fireable.

Dusted and Blue is not responsible for items that break when loading and unloading or for any other types of damages that might occur to your piece.

Clay, Glazes, + Firing