Dusted and Blue

Class Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Intro to Ceramics

Week 1 - Throwing

Studio Tour + Student Agreements

Demo: Learning to Wedge & Steps to Throwing on the wheel

Open Studio Hours Friday - Sun 11am-9pm

Week 2 - Trimming

Demo: Trimming your pots + Re-demo on Throwing

Continue to center and throw + Trim first pots

Open Studio Hours Friday - Sunday 11-9pm

Week 3 - Shaping

Demo: Shaping the items you throw on the wheel

Recap Demos (if necessary) on Throwing and Trimming

Open Studio Hours Friday - Sunday 11-9pm

Week 4 - Last Throwing Day

**Last class to throw things on the wheel

Demo (depending on pace of class): Handles or decoration

Open Studio hours Friday - Sunday 11-9pm

**IMPORTANT - Last day to throw during Open Studios is this Friday! You are welcome to come in Sat & Sunday to work on other things such as trimming or hand building.

Week 5 - Last Trimming Day

**Last day to trim everything

All work must be completed and placed in line for firing. *Any items placed downstairs during the weekend will not make it into the fire. Items have to sit and reach bone dry before firing, so this is why we have a strict deadline.

No Open Studios - Unless signed up for following session

Week 6 - Glazing Day + Potluck!

POTLUCK! - bring something to snack on or drink

Demo: Glazing

We will be glazing all our final pieces!

Open Studio Hours

Open studio hours are independent work hours. Wheels are first come, first serve. Additionally:

  • Do not share your code with anyone not enrolled in the current session.

  • Use the code only during stipulated hours.

  • Keep the door shut at all times.

  • Do not let anyone in unless they are a fellow student from your current session.

  • Visitors are not permitted in the studio.

  • Double check to make sure the door is locked behind you when you leave.

  • Call Sam for any emergencies or questions: 209-914-5801